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Head Agents Duties
(Heisei Shipping Agencies Ltd.)


General duties


1.  Agents provide Principal with local services according to Agency Agreement exchanged with Principal and

     their instructions, and approvals in case may requires.


2.  Agents co-ordinate Principal, authorities, sub-contractors and local agents.


3.  Agents issue Vessel Attendance Instructions to local agents and supervise them.


4.  Agents collect updated port regulations and information and supply to Principal.


5.  Agents negotiate with port authorities on behalf of Principal when necessary.


6.  Agents collect and compile vessel Disbursements Account.


7.  Agents apply for Japanese Customs approvals for vessels Custody transfer measurement system and Tank Tables

     (initial application and renewal).


Local Agents

On vessels departure day from loading port

After vessel sailing

Sailing day

By two days before vessels arrival

One day before vessels arrival

Arrival day

Arrival notices to be submitted/informed to various parties.


Martis Maritime Traffic Advisory Service Center (Japan Coast Guard))

– Reservation of Inbound/Outbound Traffic Routes (two weeks prior to vessels arrival)


  Vessel (expected schedule)

  Japan Coast Guard Station

  Maritime Disaster Prevention Center

  Quarantine Station

  Immigration Office

  Neighboring berth : co-ordination of vessel traffic

  Receiving terminal

  Owner/Operator/Discharge Surveyor/Buyers agents/Terminal labours










           (ISPS – International Ship and Port Facility Security Code)

           (FSIR – Financial Security Information Report, ETA notices,Visitors List)


Terminal / Principal / Parities Concerned

           (transmission of ETA notices, processing Visitors List for terminal gate permission)








Prior arrival arrangements


  Pilot (Bay pilot)

  Pilot (Harbour pilot)

  Neighboring berth (vessel traffic co-ordination)

  Coast guard office (permission to discharge dangerous cargo

  Customs (permission to discharge cargo before vessels clearance)

  Quarantine (radio pratique)

  Terminal (receiving updated weather information of vessels arrival date)    

  Parties concerned (confirmation of arrival time)





  Bay Pilot (confirmation of boarding on schedule in relation to weather)

  Harbour Pilot (do)

  Port authorities (information of revised arrival time case necessary)

  Terminal and all other parities concerned (confirmation of arrival time and etc)

  Attendance on board for vessels clearance and etc

  Review and arrange vessel sailing with all parties concerned


       Case bad weather does not allow vessel to berth, agent requests vessel to stay outside until next day

       berthing, and revise all berthing and sailing arrangements.







Vessel (confirming progress on discharge)

  Pilots (confirming ETD)



        Case bad weather agent confirms with Martis feasibility of vessels transit in traffic routes. Vessel

        remains at terminal if traffic routes closed due to fog, etc.






  Forwarding discharge documents to Principal.

  Closing Disbursements Account and forwarding to Head Agents.

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